The Gamma Analytics™ AI Suite

Our proprietary analytical techniques and products comprising the Gamma Analytics™ AI Suite were developed at MIT for use with engineering applications, and now have been adapted for use in management decision making. These techniques are specifically suited for big data analytics and focus on the following broad areas:

  • Predictive Analysis – useful for all kinds of prediction problems like churn, loan approvals, etc
  • Optimization – usually used together with predictive analysis for problems that require looking for optimal solutions
  • Scenario Planning – used for situations that demand generation of various options that meet a certain set of criteria
  • NLP – useful for analyzing and understanding text


  • Enhances quality and speed of decision making
  • Provides excellent ‘what-if’ scenario analyses
  • Facilitates business decision-making through better understanding of driving factors
  • Productized / easy to implement

While this suite may be purchased separately, most customers buy Solutions built based on these modules. This way it ensures that they are getting the right ROI from solving their business problems end to end.