Business Analytics and Innovation Summit

Management Foresight Founder Ujjwal Sinha to speak at the Innovation Enterprise Business Analytics and Innovation Summit in Las Vegas, NV on July 18, 2018

Conference Details:


Connecting the Dots Between Analytics/ML/AI and Business Problems –  Case Studies from B2C Sectors

These days, most companies in the corporate world realize the importance of data-analytics/machine-learning/AI, and many have made significant investments in recent years. However, how do you truly realize the full value of your investments? How can data analytics shape how businesses are run going forward? In this discussion, we will touch upon how you connect the dots between your business problems and data analytics. We will explore this topic with the help of four case studies where analytics was used to produce superior business results: Voice of the Customer, Loyalty Measurement, Video Analytics and Pricing. We will also touch upon org challenges and talent requirements for companies in the B2C sectors to succeed in the world of data analytics.